Home Solar Panel System in Las Vegas, NV

Generation and use of clean renewable energy is becoming more important every day. Cities, states and nations are setting ambitious goals to utilize more energy from renewable sources in the coming years. In fact, 59% of Nevadans recently voted to have 50% of Nevada's power produced by renewable sources by the year 2030. California recently mandated that as of Jan 1, 2020, all new homes must incorporate rooftop solar. California also passed legislation to have 100% of the state's energy produced through renewable sources by 2045.

If we could capture the sunlight energy that reaches the Earth in 1-1/2 hours, it would supply the world's energy needs for an entire year. Anyone that owns a home can install solar panels to take advantage of the ambient energy the sunlight produces.

Each homeowner has a unique motivation for installing solar on their home. For some, it's about saving money and for others, it's about conserving our natural resources. We've listed some of the primary reasons below.

The Benefits

Homeowners who have a home solar panel system in their home can enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Lower electric bills
  • Increased home equity
  • Smaller environmental impact

Our installation experts can help you determine how our home solar panel systems will benefit your home.

Benefits Of Solar

Provides Energy Independence:

Take your energy future into your own hands and out of the utility's total control. Produce clean, renewable solar energy for self-consumption and consider storing excess energy in a battery for use in evenings and at night to become truly self-sufficient.

Saving on Electricity Bills:

Your solar power system will supply most if not all of your home's energy needs during productive solar daytime hours offsetting your electricity costs. In the summer, this often includes some of the electricity used during peak times when electricity is the most expensive. Additional savings can be realized by shifting heavy electricity usage tasks to times during solar production. You can turn your infinite debt which is your utility bill, into a performing asset by owning your power!

Net Metering programs:

With solar power, you earn energy credits for excess energy produced and sent back to the grid each month. These energy credits are used to offset electricity obtained from the grid during periods when you did not produce more power than you used.

Increases Property Value and Desirability:

Having your own low-cost, clean, dependable, renewable energy power plant is becoming more and more desirable as municipalities, states and governments set higher goals for the increasing the use of renewable energy. Sales data validates that buyers are willing to pay more for homes with Solar PV systems and those homes sell 20% faster on average than a comparable home without solar.

Good for the planet:

Every kWh of electricity produced by clean solar power is a kWh of electricity not produced by a fossil fuel power plant. This reduces toxic emissions including greenhouse gases, conserves natural resources, and reduces the overall stress on our local and national power grids.

Government & Local Incentives

Anyone installing a solar power system may qualify for a Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This tax credit is currently equal to 30% of the equipment and installation costs minus local incentives. NOTE: As of January 1st, 2020 the ITC for Solar will drop to 26%.

Solar + Battery Storage - The Next Wave In Renewable Energy

Take your energy future into your own hands and out of the utilities control. Produce clean, renewable solar energy for self-consumption and if desired, store excess energy in a battery for use in the evening and at night to become truly independent and self-sufficient. Battery technologies have continued to improve and now provide a viable means to extend solar energy self-consumption beyond when the sun is shining. Solar power generation in conjunction with storage offers assurance and peace of mind. Having a battery allows you to operate independent of the power grid. You can power critical loads during extended utility outages and natural disasters.

We offer intelligent battery systems that simultaneously manage up to four incoming sources of renewable energy along with grid backup while managing the distribution of power within the home. For commercial and government applications, we also offer portable battery storage containers with 4 Megawatt capacity in a 20-ft. container and up to a 10 Megawatt capacity in a 40-ft. container. These enclosures are stand-alone, portable, include internal charge controllers and house air conditioners and heaters to maintain nominal operating temperature.

These energy storage containers provide access to immediate stored energy within milliseconds and are perfect to store energy from a solar array, the grid or from generators for emergency backup power.

These batteries are within attractive cases and are tied to energy management or whole-home management systems like Crestron, Control4, Lutron, etc. that monitor energy usage and shift loads as desired to maximize the usage of stored energy.