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RG Electric, Inc - Company Overview

RG electric started in 1988 with humble beginnings, we started by picking up any project we could find. As we grew, our scope of work expanded and projects included temporary & emergency power, all phases of Division 16, power upgrades, site lighting, structure lighting, generator design and installations, energy studies, electrical designs done by a professional engineer, residential and commercial solar, educational and military facilities.

We carry a $5MM contract limit per project with no limits on the number of projects undertaken at any time. This really came in handy over the years while partnering with the Clark County School District for electrical work on 70+ schools. Each school project was a $3-$5MM contract and we averaged three to four projects per year for about 14 years with 80 to 110 full-time employees.

RG Electric is one of only a few approved electrical construction companies for military work and has self-fulfilled on 90% of all construction projects on military bases within Nevada since 2000. In fact, RG Electric is a preferred Electrical Contractor for all Military Bases in Nevada. To date, RG Electric revenues total over $250MM.

Now RG Electric is 100% focused on it's partnership with Ambient Solar Energy. We look forward to a bright future in the renewable energy space for years to come.