Reliable Home Solar Panel System Installation in Las Vegas, NV

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, get home solar panel system installation in Las Vegas, NV, from the experts Ambient Solar Energy LLC an authorized dealer of RG Electric Inc. We're some of the most experienced solar installation specialists in the area and can help you get the most benefits from your new solar system.

Turn Renewable Energy Into Energy Savings

Solar energy is a great alternative energy source for those of us who live in sunny Nevada. The world has a great need for renewable resources, and Ambient Solar Energy provides a convenient way for homeowners to take advantage of the benefits of solar technology.
You can count on us to prioritize your need to have a reliable source of energy while reducing waste both financially and environmentally.

When you reduce your household's reliance on the power grid, you serve the environment, and you also keep more money in your pocket. Though the initial cost of a solar panel installation may be an expense, you can have a great return on your investment over time. And you can certainly enjoy an immediate reduction in your monthly utility bill.

Enjoy the Best System Possible

At Ambient Solar Energy, we excel in solar panel system installation. We understand that every household is different and has different needs. We take great care to configure the best solar system for your property layout and energy needs. We utilize the available space efficiently and ensure that each solar panel is optimally placed to give you the best energy returns possible.

We are also experienced with electrical contracting. As a sister company of RG Electric, we have the necessary expertise to manage every detail of your solar system installation from the placement of the solar arrays to the wiring.