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About Ambient Solar Energy

Ambient Solar Energy is poised to help customers reach their renewable goals. We provide renewable energy solutions for residential, commercial and government applications. These solutions incorporate solar energy production, intelligent battery storage, and efficient energy usage to extend the use of the solar energy produced.

We are an authorized dealer for RG Electric, a reputable electrical contractor that has been in business for over 30 years. RG Electric specialized in public works projects for many years, including the electrical work for over 70 Clark County schools, before specializing in secured government facility work and now the installation of custom solar power generation and storage systems.

All solar system installations are performed by RG Electric Inc, a licensed contractor since 1988. Their installation crews have completed over 2,000 installs.

Controlling the process from start to finish allows us to manage all project details and provide exceptional customer service along the way. It also means that we install a quality system quickly, enabling customers to generate power and manage its usage faster than other solar providers.

Residential Services Offered:

  • Free Consultation
  • Roof-mounted solar power generation systems
  • Power Inverters (DC to AC, and bi-directional)
  • Professional solar system installations
  • Intelligent battery storage options
  • Energy production & usage management with remote monitoring
  • Electrical & service panel upgrades
  • Engineering Changes
  • System plan sets
  • Pulling permits
  • Smart thermostats with e-learning capabilities
  • The LED lighting that reduces power consumption by up to 90%
  • Solar attic ventilation fans and thermal barrier systems
  • Equipment efficiency analyses and recommendations
  • Warranties on component performance, workmanship, and installations